Your APQP Training Resource

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a structured method of defining and establishing the necessary steps, from implementation through production,  to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. APQP typically involves 75% up front planning and 25% implementation.

Although APQP is generally associated with the automotive industry, the quality planning processes in APQP can be applied within all industries.

Working concurrently per the project timeline, the Project Management team completes the Plan and Design activity; Product Engineering addresses Product Design and Development; and Process and/or Manufacturing Engineering completes the Process Design Development. The tools selected during the Product Assurance Plan are assigned and used within or collaboratively between sections.

The five sections of APQP are:

  1. Plan and Define
  2. Product Design and Development
  3. Process Design and Development
  4. Product and Process Validation
  5. Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action

This website provides guidelines for selecting suitable APQP Training and APQP Facilitation resources, as well as solutions to typical APQP development obstacles. APQP Training should be customized to fit the requirements of your unique organization and provide workshop content related to your specific industry and needs.

The Quality-One APQP approach is considered to be Best-in-Class, because it is easily communicated to design teams and suppliers. If you would like more information regarding our APQP training programs, please call (586) 291-0300.